Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Manipulator.

"I love life. I want to remember every emotion that I've felt, the feelings that I've experienced, and the faces that I've seen. I would like to share these to the world too. That is what drew me to photography, unlike any other style of art, the photos that a photographer takes captures a moment which hopefully will forever be remembered. However, if I can't find the perfect place or the perfect spot or if my subconscious tries to convey a much more deeper feeling, I try to create that world through digital art."
*from his deviantart account - 

His art is really MYSTERIOUS!

do check his site. :D


you can check other Filipino Contemporary Artists --->

*senseless Na.Na*

Brush is to Camera.

I came across with Ms. Monks' works through this website, At first I thought her paintings were taken using a professional camera not until I saw the description. I was really in awe, well, until now I'm still in awe. I really find her works really interesting and how she's into details(even the dirt on one of her model's nails. COOL, right?)

the above picture is taken from her site.

I was trying to look for any common denominator with her paintings and I observed that she's into this whole shower/water thing and nudity-as-art. She captured the moments realistically, the sensuality, the innocence, and everything in between PERFECTLY.
-Na.Na 071410 9:30pm

you can check the brush photographer's website to see her portfolio, bio, and exhibit schedules.

Bye, World. :D

*senseless Na.Na*


 Hello, World.

 This has been the introduction to my Multiply acct. and my other blogspot acct. I think, I made this 2 years ago while browsing through Epik High's blog. :D

So, if you're wondering why I'm always blogging then kindly stop all your whining.
cause I've got an answer for what you're asking
so here it is you silly ass, so you better listen. uki2?

I'm blogging cause my mind is functioning like Paul Walker's car engine.
it's crazy running,
like a stupid ass who's drunk driving.

nah, who am i kidding, man?
i'm just playing.
just like Jason Mraz who got famous for his word playing. 

Bye, World. :D

*senseless Na.Na*

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aiken's 19th.

Hello, World. :D

What's up? HAHAHAH. 

Uhm, last February 20, 2011 was Aiken's birthday.

We celebrated it with a photo shoot. HAHAHA. We went there the day before so we could have a soiree at Coco Palms in her home town, Danao.

But before we went to Coco Palms, we went to the mall to buy toiletries because we forgot to bring some.

looking for the cheapest toothpaste. haha
 paying for the toiletries.
they're looking for Mr. P's cologne. haha

After going to the mall and buying the things needed for the night, we then went to Goldilocks to pick up Aiken's cake.

 preparing to eat.
 being silly. :D
 what's with the face, lex? haha

checking badjao's messages. HAHAHA
The uber cool vocalist of the band.
Inday, Alexa, and Badjao played for Aiken.

Instead of enjoying the night, we were hindered by a homework for our Informatics subject. I made four home works to exact. The band was really good. Their songs were great.

At around 11-ish, after the soiree, we went to El Salvador. We spent the night there. 

 checking my FB.
with my famous friend:

We waited until it was 12 AM to greet Aiken a happy birthday(unfortunately, there were no photos taken because Inday was busy watching YouTube videos HAHAHA). 

Morning came and we decided to eat breakfast at the resto. We haven't taken a bath yet. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

 aiken and badjao.

 chillin. :D
 after breakfast. a photo op. a big thanks to the waiter. :D
 my famous friend again. :D
 the birthday girl. HAHAHA

It was quite a memorable day for us. We went to two ukay2  stores(my papa calls it garment shop, social my papa huh? hahahaha)

I bought like 10 used clothes for less than 100 pesos. :DDDD the best thing ever.

Anyways, we had a photo shoot.

After the shoot, we went to the church. :D We went home and I bragged to my mama that I bought a lot of clothes. HAHAHAHA

Bye, World. <3
as i was making this post, my crush and I were exchanging text messages. :DDDD

*senseless Na.Na* 

The Long Awaited Trip.

Hello, World.:D

Last Wednesday, February 23, 2011, I went to the Department of Foreign Affairs to apply for a passport. I was there at around 1 PM but the processing was very slow so I went home pretty late. T_T  I would get my passport on March 24, 2011. YEY! 

So, I sent my aunt a text message that I finally have my passport and she told me that they're waiting for a promo from Cebu Pacific Airlines so we could buy cheap round-trip tickets.

My aunt just contacted me through a wall post in my facebook page.

YEA. I can't wait to go there. I miss Nicole and I just want to have a vacation.
A big thanks to my Lala (Grandma) for paying for the tickets. :DD

Bye. World. :D

*senseless Na.Na*

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'll Be Waiting.

Hello, World. :D

Anyways, it's 3 AM and I'm still freaking awake. As I was browsing for YouTube videos, I came across with IBU's I'll Be Waiting video and I instantly fell in love with it. I was like, 'this is what I'm feeling right now'

Anyways, There is this movie that my friend asked me to watch in YouTube entitled A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It is all about this girl who fell in love with their school's heartthrob (the guy had a crush with the girl too but he just kept it to himself). The girl confessed to him about what she feels but unfortunately, the guy has a girl friend already. 9 years later, they met and they lived happily ever after. HAHA. :D<3

"I liked you for three years. I made myself beautiful, I studied, I changed for you but the only thing that I haven't done is telling you how I feel." (not accurate)

After watching the movie, I realized that I really need to tell my crush that I liked him for the longest time because MAYBE, he feels the same way too(wishful thinking, much? HAHA). I had a crush on him for three years. We became friends,, which is really great. He had a girl friend who was so freaking beautiful(I can't compete with her), they broke up but I think that he still likes the girl. There was this time wherein I gave up on him but  it seems like he has this power over me because I keep on liking him. So, I made a promise to my friends that I will tell him how I feel on March 25, during our "Garland Ceremony". Whatever the outcome might be, there will be no regrets. :D

I mentioned about I'll Be Waiting by IBU and the freaking song is really good. Try'na listen to it:

"It all started as one simple crush but I knew in time that soon I would be another victim of love. "

"This is more than a crush. Baby, I'm falling in love and it's a feeling for you.  I don't know what to do. And if one day you could see, how special you are to me. I'm praying soon you'll be mine but until the time ill be waiting for you."

I'm off to sleep, I have 2 hours to do so. I need to go to school. T_T I hate Saturday classes. 

Bye, World. <3

Must-View YouTube Channel (ASIAN PRIDE)

Hello, World. :D

YouTube has been a go-to website for people who wants to be known or those people who wants to show their talents to the world. There are quite a few stars in different countries who have been discovered through posting videos online such as Justin Bieber, Charice, Sungha Jung etc. but there are some who still remained in the comfort of their pages even though they're Billboard-material.

Anyways, here are some people in YouTube to whom you must listen to. They're really good and I'm not exaggerating.

1. J.Reyez (it's the J.R.E.Y.E.Z.)

I don't know his real name but all I know is that he is a Korean who is residing in Canada. I knew of him because of his wonderful cover of Taeyang's Wedding dress with Tommy C. His YT page got 2,105,016 views to date and his collab. with Tommy C for the Wedding Dress cover got 3,231,041 views (take that JB. :D).

2.JR Aquino

I think he's a Filipino because I've seen him together with AJ Rafael(sorry, I'm not really sure), he's currently living in the US. Anyways, he has this uber wonderful voice. <3. He has over 2,774,339 channel views to date. He has done beautiful covers to some of the popular songs now and for the past years.  His covers are great but his original songs are to die for. <3

"Just hanging out with our PJs on. Watching 'Law & Order: SVU' all night long."

A Thai rapper who's been receiving attention for his crazy videos and antics in YT (the skits, babe). To be honest, I think he's way better that Lil Wayne. Fresh rhymes. If he's not rappin', he's posting these crazy videos about random things. :DD He has over 45,217,552 channel views and 228,705,310 upload views.

"Looking like a man but I feel like a boy."

There are a lot but those three are my favorite. You could check their sites plus these:



Bye, World.<3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello, WOrld. :D
Here's a little something that I made out of boredom.
a raw feeling by an overused heart;
denying reasons that would tear it apart.
a revealed secret of a broken whole;
an emancipation of the heart from its soul.

an answer to a question too difficult;
i can’t comprehend, is it my fault?
they say, the heart can see what the eyes cannot;
my brain wants to chase after you but my heart would not.

cause i’m not ready, well, i never had;
i’m confused, and by this, things went bad.
i can heart it, but i try not to listen;
of how my heart screams your name out of the open.

feelings were not expressed and words were not said;
of a broken girl’s dreams and of how many tears she shed.
if only this guy could see her heart;
then his soul and hers will never part.

Bye, World. 

A China-like Promise: BREAKABLE.

Hello, World! :(
I just learned today that my Papa won't give me the car. T_T He said that I can't have it and that he would sell it to whomever is interested. I remembered how he promised that he would give it to me. He told me that once the car is ready then the car would be mine. I could never really understand how someone could easily make a promise and then take it back. I expected a lot from what he said. I even told myself that this year is special. SHIT. Why me? Why am I so unlucky? Why can't life just let me be happy? 

Ugh! I hate this day. T_T I so hate this day. I hate this week. FUCK! FUCK!

Bye, World. :(

 *senseless Na.Na*

Cupid's Request (1-stanza only)

Here's a one stanza poem that I made for 'tividi'.

My brain ran out of reasons to pursue you;
but my heart can't seem to let you go.
Cupid urged me to stop waiting for you;
but my heart keeps on telling him no.

Credits: photo

*senseless Na.Na*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Awareness Day/Valentine's Day.

What's up, World?

So, uhm, Valentine's Day is long gone here in the East(HOORAY!). OH YEAH!(i just hope that the icky vibe in school would all be gone) Anyways, as what I've said in my post about the mini photo shoot, Inday took photos of me and Dy(myangkong/lolo) looking and acting like a couple(I uploaded the photos in my facebook page and my aunts were like "Who the hell is that next to you?" HAHAHAH). 

Yesterday was HELL. Couples were like "Oh honey. Happy Valentine's Day!" (YUCK!) and we're (my kabarkada and i)  like "SHUT THE FCUK UP!" (Just Kidding!) I really loathe that day. I really do.
I was pretty unlucky that day.  
CAUTION: the next paragraph would be icky.


1. I FORGOT TO PUT ON MY DEO. I really did. It was pretty embarrassing and I was like checking my armpit every second and asking my friends if I smelled weird. HAHAH. So, to cover up the smell, I sprayed perfume all over my body until the weird smell was covered up with the perfume's smell. (T_T)

2. I paid 80.00 for my taxi ride to school. T_T It was supposed to be 60.00 but since January 28(I don't really know the exact date), they added 10.00 to the starting meter. 

3. I failed the pre test. T_T (I didn't study. I was too tired because I slept late that night and I wasn't really in the mood.)

4. My crush didn't even say Hi! to me. T_T A friend of mine received a bouquet from her admirer, I was so fucking jealous of her. I SUPER HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. T_T WHY WORLD? WHY NOT ME TOO? I'm just kidding.

Anyways, Valentine's Day was just a normal Monday for me (and to all the single ladies in Asia)HAHAH


Bye, World.

*senseless Na.Na*

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wrong Equation.

one plus one isn't three
so why are you with her when you're supposed to be with me?
is my best not enough?
is solving that simple problem that tough?

you took me out to see the sunrise
cause you said you'd love to see the sunrise through my eyes
i took you in my  heart and believed your lies
i didn't even see that you're a demon in disguise

was it my fault that i didn't see?
three years ago that you want to be with me
i feel so bad for doing it to you
i was young then and didn't have a clue

the other day, i saw you together
and i just realized that your love had wither
like a sycamore tree wrecked after a beautiful spring
it is so hard to accept that what we had was just a fling


one of these days, i will be over you
i will be happy without the thoughts of us two
as time pass by, you'll never see the sunrise in my eyes
remember, it wasn't me who said the last goodbye

*senseless Na.Na.*

First Love.

He walked away with a smile on his face;
after he gave me his last embrace.
he didn’t look back nor did he falter;
and then my tears flowed down like a river.

it wasn’t my fault, I tried to convince myself;
it  wasn’t mine, though I know deep down it is.
he found someone new, faster than that of a bullet;
and I’m left with nothing but remorse and regret.

I need him back, more than anything else;
Cause he’s the only one who could save me from this mess.
I am down and everyone knows it;
Except that one person who actually caused it.

I’m confused and dazed as to why he left me;
Cause I gave him my all, my world, and my best.
I thought what we had was forever and ever;
But I was wrong cause what we used to be is over.

4 years after, there’s no more tears left to cry;
I guess it is time for my heart to bid yours goodbye.
I am stronger now cause I have finally gotten over you;
But I’ll never forget the fact that you’re my first ever beau.

*senseless Na.Na*


i met you two years ago and i was mesmerized;
with that silly smile of yours and those perfect eyes.
we became friends and started hanging out;
to be honest, you made me happy, there's no need to doubt.

but then your dream girl came and stole your heart;
she became your new drug and then we started to part.
she is now your life and you are hers;
and i am just left with nothing but these pooling tears.
it sucks to know that what we had ended before it even started;
it seems like to me that you didn't like how my love tasted.
never in my mind did i think that you would take me for granted;
until you left me here all alone; wrecked and devastated.

like any other fool, i waited for your relationship to end;
that day came and now i am waiting for your heart to mend.
despite what you've done, i will still wait;
until you'll get over her even if it will be too late.

It's been four years since that day;
when I saw your eyes that were as bright as the sun's ray.
I need to let you go: I guess this is the perfect time;
Now, this poem has lost its rhyme.

Goodbye, I'll see your heart soon;
Goodbye; I'm tired of listening to this tune.
Goodbye, forever will I love you.
Goodbye, it's hard but I have to.

 *senseless Na.Na*

Saturday, February 12, 2011

World War II.

Fierce versus fierce;
trading honor with blood and tears.
fighting a war that's not even his;
replacing wedding rings with bruises on his fist.

Giving up was never an option;
lost his love as he was fighting for no reason.
a lot of bullets have the world wasted;
a lot of souls crying the longer the war lasted.

Heroes, they call themselves;
books were written and were put on the shelves.
But no one could feel what the soldier had felt;
even the leader who sent him to his death.

*senseless Na.Na*


Last saturday, February 5, 2011, we had a mini photoshoot at South Roads Project. It was a photographic collaboration(I don't know what to call it. HAHA) of Mark Mel de Torres, Kirsten Ian Marie Arche and Mary Fel Lamparas. I wasn't one of the models, I was just an assistant to Ms. Alexandra Sol G. Go (the main make up artist).
 left photo: me and Mariel Paler (one of the models) right: Ms. Alex Go "Ma'am Lex"

Mary Fel a.k.a Inday(, she's using Nikon D90), asked me to be her 'test shots model'  which I, a self imposed SelCa(self camera) master, happily accepted (DSLR na'to, Pre). HAHA.

 one of the test shots by Inday
(yeah, i'm fat. deal with it. HAHA)

Anyways, it was a very hot day. I almost got dehydrated and there was no convenient store there and we didn't bring any water. How stupid of us. HAHAHAH It was just that, we didn't anticipate that it would be that hot because it was raining the night before. There were students who came there too to have a photo shoot. I think it was for a project, I don't really know. We saw this couple who's  sucking faces in public. What they did was really inappropriate.  BYUCK. The good thing was that, before we took off, we decided to shout "CHULA"(a cebuano term for french kissing) to piss them off(which was very successful). HAHAH  They were very shocked (their friends were laughing too!) and the boyfriend flipped his middle finger to us while her girlfriend hid her stupid face(take that, suckers).  HAHAH

I wanted to have a picture with Dy (my angkong) acting like a couple but instead of one, we ended up with tons of photos. The pictures were really cute and sweet. The next time that I would have my pictures taken with a guy, it should be with my boyfriend not with a friend(people were misinterpreting us!). HAHAHAH
For more photos: Mary Fel Lamparas:
                    Kirsten Arche:
                    Mel de Torres: you can check her facebook acct. for the teasers.

credits: photos: mlamparas.

*senseless Na.Na*

Friday, February 11, 2011


DEBBIE KYAMKO: "I connected Blogger to my page -"


DEBBIE KYAMKO: "I don't know what adjectives I can use to describe her but
well, She is just an ordinary girl who just wanted to fit in but once she
did, she realized that she's better off different.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Off-roads Coffee: literally, a coffeeshop that's off the road.

Off-roads is a coffee shop here in Mandaue City, Cebu. It is an affordable coffee shop. I'm not kidding, it's really affordable.  I think their most expensive drink is only 75 pesos. You can really appreciate their rooftop plus they have free Wi-fi. I've been coming there since I was in high school cause my family is an avid coffee lover. There was a time when I went there alone to study. It's conducive for studying/reading a book. It may not be like Starbucks but their drinks are worth it.

*senseless Na.Na*


Smoking kills, it's suicide.
I learned how to smoke when I was very little. My cousin taught me how to. We stole two sticks from our uncle and we hid at the back of my grandparents' house to puff. I lived up to everyone's expectation: I broke all the rules, got called up by the teacher/principal a lot of times, and I've been mentally and physically punished by my parents. Just like any teenagers out there, I got addicted to smoking but  I gradually stopped. I smoked a lot less than when I was in high school.

Thank God. :D

*senseless Na.Na*

No matter how hard I try, I just can't make my mama proud.

My mother and I aren't really that close but I do share something to her when it comes to my studies. Yesterday, I learned that I got good grades in my Medical - Surgical Nursing subject and also in Research. So, I told my mama about it.

Me: Ma, I was one of the three students who got the highest Mid-Term grade in MS and I was the second highest in Research in our class.
MAMA: really?
Me: yea. are you proud of me?
Mama: huh? why would I be? you're lazy.

I was a bit hurt with what she said. I know that I don't really help much at home and whenever I have my free time or I do nothing, I just stay in my room but that doesn't mean that I'm lazy. I want to help but I just want to rest and be with myself because having a free time is like seeing an unopened bottle of water in the middle of the desert.

Maybe,  she just doesn't want to tell or show me that she's proud of me but sometimes, all I really want is to hear it from her that she's proud of me.


*senseless Na.Na*

A letter for my mom.

Dear Ma,
First of all, I want to say Thank you. Thanks for raising me and this may sound a bit dramatic but I am who I am because of you. Thanks for teaching me all the things that I’ve learned so far about life and I know what I’ve learned will help me as I grow to be the best person that I can be. I don’t really know what the future holds but I would always keep in mind all the things that you and Papa had taught me.
Ma, I know I’ve done you a great deal of wrong doings in the past and even now, in the present. With this in mind, I want to say to you that I am greatly sorry for all of those stupid things that I have done.
I am sorry for telling you that ‘I hate you’. You know that I didn’t mean it, right? I am sorry for hating you even though what you said was right. I am sorry for betraying your trust. I am sorry for turning my back to our religion/God. I am sorry for always complaining. I am sorry for thinking only about my sake. I am sorry for treating you badly. I am sorry for being a rebel and for breaking the rules that you and papa had made. I am sorry for showing you this version of myself, which I regret. I am sorry for not appreciating all the things that you’ve given/done to me and my brother. I am sorry for being blind; for not seeing how you struggled to keep this family nurtured and happy. I am sorry for not being there when you and papa fought. I am sorry for not telling you all these in person. I am sorry for bringing out the worst in you. I am sorry for neglecting you. I am sorry for wasting all your efforts. I am sorry for my stupidity and my immaturity.I am sorry for disrespecting you and papa inside the home that you built with love, care, and sweat for 20 years.
Ma, I am truly sorry. I am sorry for not telling you that ‘I am sorry’ and for not telling you that I love you, everyday.
I love you, Ma. I truly do.

Your daughter,
Debbie Kyamko

*senseless Na.Na*