Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seeing you go. :(

I just arrived home from sending Nicole to the airport. I wasn't able to spend a lot of time with her since they arrived here in Cebu because I had to go on duty but I tried my best to be there for her. Seeing her go was very heartbreaking. I tried not to cry because there were a lot of people in the airport. Lala cried. I guess, it was really heartbreaking for her too because she can't see Nicole everyday and I feel what she feels. I love how Nicole calls me 'MAMA' and how she shouts my name whenever she sees me. I will totally miss the hugs and the kisses.I will miss the moments wherein she forces me to sing our national anthem in spanish and sing the song that i composed.

I really thought that i could get used to seeing her go but I guess not. Saying goodbye is really hard. :(

 *senseless Na.Na*

Did we really judge you?

And by telling everybody that we judged you right away implies that you are such a manipulative ass. Did we not ask you about what you meant with what you said? If it was really just a random thought then why are you stressing so much? Weird, huh? You used to be the one causing trouble, now, you're the one who's being troubled by well, everyone you used to be friends with. We stopped after we heard your side of the story, right? So why can't you? If explaining things means that I am nagging you or whatever then you are such a gasdklfjhsdfklbhsdfk. If asking you what really happened that night means that we judged you right away then I guess there's something wrong with your brain, honey. :D

*senseless Na.Na*


H: Deb, Ken. .wat i realy toldelna is mao d cgro mi nnu pkuygon (ky namugos mi mel ni alxa nga manguyog mi nnu pag sat. Ky y mu adopt namu dn ana alxa ayaw lng dw ky mg bondng mu) ky bsn nasuya mu nga ng bondng pd mi ug amu.a mao mag bondng sad mug inyo.a. .mao man dw sulte elna nnu db,ken. .nya ana alxa ana dw mu nya nga ana ko nasuta mu ky ngbondng sa jek deb,ken ky wer not in gud terms. .nya i dont mean any harm man pd sa ako pagsulte ato. .its just a random conversation namu ni elna ug ni mel pag sat.
ME:Uhm. What i’ve heard from elna, you said daw na mao d mi magpakuyug nimu kay maybe nasuya mi na kamu atu pagthurs kay nanlaag mu with your brkda and ang jek pud na barkd lain pud. Opinion man pud tu nimu but lain man gud ayu paminawn na kami, wa nagpakuyug nimu kay 2ngud nasuya mi ninyu. To think, birthday tung alexa and i guess, barkada moment man pud tu. Uhm, namugus ba mi na magkuyug ba mi na magkuyug sa inyung birthday celeb pag october batu? Wala dba? And we didn’t hold it against any of you kay d bya ta barkada. We hang out, we mingle, we’re friends but it doesn’t mean na every move, every laag naa jud ta nagkuyug, right? I know ka relate ka ana!
And i don’t think and honestly, wa man mi nasuya kay to think cge naman mi laag na kami2x ra. If nahan ka na wala’y misunderstanding na mo.arise, ayaw nlng ug sulti ug something na maka.cause ana. Itwas alexa’s birthday, wa mi nanlaag kay nasuya mi. Nanlaag mi kay amu g.celeb ang birthday sa amung miga. If wa man dani ka kakuyug atu na time or whatever laag that we had, don’t hold it against us and make silly assumptions such as what you made kay tan.awa ang nahitabu. Wa man mi ni conclude dayun, dba, alexa asked you what really happened. I pretended na na wrong sent ku cause i don’t want another bulk of problems to arise.
H: Deb i hav nothing against ur jud deb ,wa jud ku nalain nga wa mi nnu g.kuyog ky ksbot rko ana . Hng ana rkog bcn it doesnt mean nga its da truth. Wa ko ga asume nga mao jd na nu rason out of nowhre rato nko nasulte ky it doesnt mean anything man. And  i totaly undrstand nga rong alexa mao btw hnghunong nlng mi ni mel ug pamugos. Ang ako ra jd ato ky mao d mi nnu pakuyogon ky magbondng tym mu anf 4 dat i totaly undrstand Dli ky d mi nnu pkuyogon ky nasuya mu. Its all a miscomunction ra jd trust me. I didnt knw nga kato smple nko mga al of a sudn nga nsulte ma big deal. If in any xse,nalain mu. Sorry. I hope everything is clear na bec. Dats all ive got. Lets stop ds b4 mu daku xa.ok ra?
ME:Ofcourse ma  big deal jud tu namu han cause what you said was hurtful to our part. Maybe, it was the alcohol’s fault or whatever reason there is. Ang aku lang, d mi nahan na maki.join sa problem that’s why alexa askd and i kept things from you (i just hope you know/understand why) but next tym, ayaw nlang sa mention/blurt things out if naa kay problem with whoever kay mu.spread jud na ang blema. let’s just end this kay kapuy na. Period.
H: Dba u asked me wat do i mean man deb nag ask nlng unta kag daun nko ganina nsa para na explainan tka dretso bah bfore ka nkaingon nga nag asume ko or ng mind kos inyong Tubagon man tka wth ol hnest deb hadlok nko nmu ah hahah im not makng an argument sko previous tx ako lng g answer imu g ask ganina nga wat do i mean.
ME: as what i have said from my previous message, the reason why i told you na na wrong sent ku cause i don’t want to make the situation worse that it is now. That’s just it.
H: I dont want u joining pud deb ky its already big as it is. if na hurt mu or wat sorry jud. Nsa man do u nid an open forum pa pra ma clear thngs out na jd?haha im as tired as u deb and fyi wa koy prblma bowt nnu
ME: Ayaw nlan han kay kas rana’g time.
H: cge na deb ok na.i see ur point.dont worry and i assure you gawas mu me:)
H: Aw ok deb. Drs nothng to be open foruman man pd ky i see ur point and i meant no harm jd.please tell bff sarrii na for whatevr pain i causd hr.chos! Nmu pud deb .
ME: live in peace. BWAHAHA. Shoo the BV.
H: i used to leave in peace but it seems ds past 2 weeks favorte person kos BV haha
ME: Not my problem nana uy. E.tarung na para shoo ang BV.

*senseless Na.Na*